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Sonoff POW Ring CT Smart WiFi Power Meter


Sonoff POWCT with Current Transformer tracks energy consumption

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Sonoff POW Ring Smart WiFi Power Meter with Current Transformer

Manage your home's energy smartly and safely with the Sonoff POW Ring Smart Wi-Fi Energy Meter .

This innovative device combines the functionality of a smart switch , an antenna and a transformer

current (CT), allowing you to monitor the energy consumption of any appliance , room in real time

or even solar panel , all conveniently via eWeLink app and Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

Take control of your energy consumption with the SONOFF POW Ring | smart power meter POWCT.

Split Core Current Transformer

The split CT sensor eliminates physical contact with live electrical wires, significantly reducing risk

of electric shock during installation. It can measure currents up to 100A to meet the needs of most

part of the houses. Unlike SONOFF 's existing energy monitoring devices such as POW Elite , SPM ,

DualR3 , POW3 and POW Origin , this new device, also called POWCT , uses a transformer of

current (CT) to measure current flow or total power consumed.

Detailed Energy Monitoring

Install the device in the electrical panel to monitor the energy used by appliances, entire rooms or

solar panels. Receive push notifications via the eWelink App when consumption exceeds the set thresholds.

Compatibility with eWeLink and Voice Assistants

Monitor, manage and optimize your energy consumption via the eWeLink app . Use voice commands with Amazon Alexa

or Google Home for easy and immediate control. Support adding to iHost via "eWeLink Smart Home Add-on"

Intelligent Automation

Set power , voltage and current thresholds to protect appliances from overload. Create scenarios

smart for example, when today's energy consumption of solar panels exceeds 10 kWh, it can help you reduce the

electricity bill by setting smart scenes to turn off non-essential appliances .

Automate actions with IFTTT integration. *This feature is part of the eWeLink Advanced plan.

Threshold and Push Alert Settings

Configure current, voltage and power thresholds with the built-in relay to automatically turn off the load

if the limits are exceeded or fallen below. Get push notifications when power consumption is off

i from defined thresholds, providing flexibility and security. This flexibility could prove useful in various scenarios .

Historical data storage for 6 months

Automatically saves electricity usage data when you remove appliances or in the event of an outage

current. Data can be saved for up to 6 months and exported to a file for viewing.

Contactor control

Thanks to the dry contact relay with a nominal output of 2 A, the Sonoff POW Ring can be used with a contactor

to manage load switching , allowing precise and automated energy control.

Advanced Protection

The Sonoff POW Ring is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure maximum reliability and safety . Includes

protections against overvoltages , lightning, short circuits and overload . Products you can trust 100%.

Why choose the Sonoff POW Ring for your smart home?

This smart power meter gives you control, safety and automation in one device.

Perfect for reducing consumption and saving on bills, the Sonoff POW Ring is the essential tool for everyone

smart home equipped with photovoltaic systems or who wants to carefully monitor their energy consumption .

Features and Functionality:

  • Compatible with eWeLink, Amazon Alexa, Google Home .
  • Intelligent real-time non-contact energy consumption meter
  • Transformer current sensing up to 100A
  • Historical record of consumption of 6 million with export option
  • External wifi antenna for better mobile reception
  • The POWCT has a relay with a rated current output of 2A , for switching the contactor.
  • Tested for: lightning, surges, short circuits , salt spray, drops.
  • Suitable for managing consumption in buildings equipped with photovoltaic systems .

Product Details

Data sheet

100-240V~ 50/60Hz 2W
Working temperature
Working humidity
5% - 95% non-condensing
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
98x54x31 mm
Item weight
120 g
Communication Protocol
Wifi protocol
IEEE 802.11 b/n/g 2.4GHz
RJ9 4P4C
Energy Consumption Measurement
Transformer current sensing range
User Manual Sonoff POWCT

User Manual Expert4house Sonoff POWCT Misuratore di Potenza Smart WiFi

Download (513.58k)
Quick Guide Sonoff POWCT

Quick Guide Expert4house Sonoff POWCT Misuratore di Potenza Smart WiFi

Download (1.76M)
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Ottimo prodotro facile da configurare e da usarw
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