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Tuya Multifunctional Smart Wi-Fi Water Valve with Consumption Measurement


Water Meter with 3/4 Valve Supports 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi Network

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Tuya Smart Water Valve With Consumption Meter Supports Alexa and Google Home

Controlling pressure , flow , temperature and water consumption has never been easier with our valve

smart water Tuya. Our product also includes the ability to check water leaks and allows you to

turn on/off the water valve with just one button, all conveniently from your smartphone via an APP .

Our WiFi water valve is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home , which means you can control it

easily supply water just with your voice, so you can enjoy hands-free operation, also it has the function

temperature measuring device that allows you to easily monitor the water temperature. But that's not all in fact

It stands out with unique features such as water monitoring to help you track your water consumption .

This feature will help you conserve water and save money on bills. If you are looking for a solution of

intelligent, efficient and reliable water management, look no further, choose the Tuya Smart Multifunction Valve .

Remote Control via App

Manage the water valve directly from your smartphone via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life App.

Open or close the valve , monitor water pressure, flow and temperature wherever you are. Via the App

Users can clearly see the water consumption , it can be reset by pressing the reset button.

Compatible with Voice Assistants

Its amazing features and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home make it the perfect addition to any

modern home, which means you can easily control the water with just your voice , giving you hands-free functionality.

Modern technology

Unlike Smart products with 2.4 GHZ network protocol, this new valve supports the

5G technology to experience faster and more reliable water control.

Simple installation and intuitive interface

This smart water controller installs easily , without requiring professional assistance.

The intuitive interface allows for quick setup and easy management of water consumption.

Reliable and durable

The Tuya Smart Valve is built to last thanks to IPX7 protection , for internal and external installations,

with quality materials and a robust design. It's ready to help you manage your water consumption for years

Control the Valve with One Click

Easily open or change the water valve with just one click on the app. You can also adjust the water pressure in time

real, monitor water flow, monitor water temperature, control the use of water contact and

test the leak with one click, for your convenience with a complete check and panoramic view of your water supply.

Device sharing

Share access to the water valve with family members or trusted individuals. Recognizing the

ability to control and monitor, you agree to all aspects of managing and protecting the water supply .

Smart scene combination

Set smart scene combination to improve your home security.

Create a Smart Scene with a flood sensor at desired locations. Whenever the sensor

flood detects a leak, the water regulator can automatically close the water valve.

Displays Water Temperature and Pressure

Thanks to the internal temperature sensor , people can know the water temperature. When it's very cold,

Users can open the valve to keep the water flowing and prevent the pipe from clogging.

With the press function , users can click the button in the app to detect if there is any damage to the entire

of the water system . Please note that all water sources must be turned off while using this feature.

Why choose Tuya Smart Water Valve?

The Tuya Smart Water Valve is the perfect solution for those looking for an advanced and reliable water management system.

Its great features, voice assistant compatibility, and intuitive interface make it an essential addition

for every modern home . Control pressure, flow, temperature and water consumption with ease and safety .

Product Details

Data sheet

5V 2A
Working temperature
Working humidity
Voice Control
Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Mobile application
Tuya Smart or Smart Life
195x78x101 mm
Communication Protocol
Temperature Measurement Range
Temperature measurement accuracy
Wifi protocol
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Bluetooth protocol
Pipe diameter
3/4 inch water hose
Spiral step
14 NPS
Water pressure range
Accuracy of water pressure detection
± 1KPa
Water flow detection accuracy
0.1 m³
On/off time
24 seconds
User Manual Tuya NAS-WV01W

User Manual Expert4house Tuya Valvola Dell'acqua Smart Wi-Fi Multifunzionale con Misurazione Consumi

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